Aquaponics in the Yard-5 days

After a failed attempt at Hydroponics using the wrong chemicals, I decided to go the organic route and start an Aquaponics system.  After shopping the different types of systems an techniques, I decided to go with an NFT system.  After seeing a few YouTube videos from our Aussie friend showing commercial hydroponic systems.  I decided to give it a try.  If it works, I can always scale it up.

I built it out of 4″, thick-walled PVC, but only becuase I couldn’t find the thin-walled stuff.  I used my existing hydroponocs bin as the reservoir, which I hope to also put plants in.  With all the resources available online, I will hold back on writing a guide until I feel I got it right.

Week 1:
I basically filled it up and got everything in on Saturday.  No cycling or maturity time.  After only 5 days, I already have root growth!  My ph level is too high (8.0), but the plants are growing and I can see some strawberries forming already.  I’ve been feeding the feeder gold fish twice a day, and lose a few fish (dead) daily.  I checked today, and had 10 feeder fish dead.  Tomorrow I will buy an ammonia and nitrite/nitrate kit to see if I can identify why my fish are dying. 

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